Finished with this site? Desperately seeking some source of further entertainment? Behold, a selection of sites for you to visit besides this one, chosen from the tastes of the artist.

White Wolf - Creators of Exalted, as well as numerous other worthy games. If you haven't heard of them, then the reason you're leaving my site is probably because you don't get the jokes.

The Freedom Stone - Most illustrious of my Exalted webcomic peers, now sadly ceased. The forum community, however, still goes, and it provides a lot of Exalted-related art, writing and discussion. Watch out for some mature content, however.

Exalted Compendium Redux - In case you missed the big link in the logo, I suggest you visit here. The comic would not exist without the forums of the ECR, both because of a lack of inspiration and a lack of the hosting provided by the illustrious Flagg. All hail!

Giant in the Playground - Source of the Order of the Stick, the comic which inspired me to create Keychain of Creation. "Inspired", in this case, meaning "the same, but with Exalted". You'll almost certainly enjoy it.

Comic Linkmarks - A big webcomics list by Kent Paul Dolan. As well as listing me on there, he also created a link banner for people to link to me with! Behold:

link banner

Thanks, Kent!

Glorious Saber - another Exalted webcomic which started soon after my own. Currently on Hiatus.

More to come.

Exalted game, characters, setting and concepts are property of White Wolf Publishing,
and the artist makes no claim to them. Keychain of Creation-exclusive characters and artwork,
on the other hand, are property of Padraig O Ruanai except where otherwise noted.
So don’t be stealin’ me stuff, yarr.