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Comic 383


UPDATE, AGAIN: Alright, it's been weeks. But, in my defense, tendonitis does take really long to heal, and if you don't let it do so it can get chronic from what I hear, so I do have an excuse.

I make this update because I've been working on something else in this time off: it's not related to Keychain directly, but it is related to Exalted, so if you play the game you might be interested. It's a homebrew supplement, one I had worked on previously and still very much incomplete, but now at least finished enough to be used. If you're interested, you can check out the thread on the white wolf Exalted forum, or if you want to see some more of the thoughts behind it from the beginning, the older thread on the patternspider forums. I hope this makes up at least a little for not updating in so long.

I'm hoping to pick up the Alchemicals book soon; maybe after I digest that, and if I'm still recuperating, I'll write up some rules and fluff for Nova and her lot.

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