Comic 14

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Old News

New fanart! Go take a look at it. Now!

Now, I need some help. It appears that many people are having problems with the comic; it initially appears to be "scrunched up", though this is occasionally solved by a reload. Other problems, including a tendency for the page to get stuck halfway through loading, are also evident, but the most annoying is that some people apparently can't use the link maps in the logo image. We suspect that this problem is to do with the use of .png graphics, mainly on Internet Explorer, but we really want to keep those. So, if anyone can suggest any fixes for these problems (perhaps similar to the png transparency fix we've already used), please contact me, or my host Flagg, either through my email (given at the bottom of the page) or the ECR forums. Thanks.

The (link broken) has descended into madness and anarchy. I begin to wonder how I can choose the winner with clarity. Perhaps I should just do another poll, between the two main contenders?

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