Comic 32

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Old News

Sorry, but this isn't a complete update; the remaining two-fifths are uncomplete as of Friday morning. The reason for this is that my old CRT monitor has gone screwy; what you do have here was produced mostly on a screen that was terribly purple-pink in hue. Sometimes it's a light greeny-blue, and sometimes a dark blue, but in any case it means one thing: hell with my eyes. And since my eyes were getting sore, I decided it was best to leave off the rest of the comic until tomorrow, and just put up this part, which still manages to move the plot a bit, if little else. The rest of the comic will be completed tomorrow and integrated into a whole, so you only have to wait a day or so to see the whole thing. That's all right... right?

And while you're waiting... would anyone have any idea how to fix my monitor? I've tried degaussing and we've opened it up to try get rid of static and dust, all to no avail. It looks like I'll have to get a new one, if I don't want to go blind.

NOTES FROM THE FUTURE: Obviously, this problem doesn't show up in the archives, and a new monitor has since been obtained.

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