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I pondered for a while whether to add Misho there; originally the idea was that Marena was just overwhelmed by Secret's cuteness, but then I realised that she'd be more enthused by Secret's misplaced assumption about her age. And it is a joke that more people are likely to get.

A few explanations for people who are not familiar with the game: Exalted don't age (not until the very last few years of their extended livespans), so Marena could be a thousand and still look the same. Also, if you're wondering what she means by "Anathema": in Creation, the most famous religion is the Immaculate Faith, which maintains that the non-Terrestrial Exalted (Lunars, Solars, Abyssals and, theoretically, Sidereals) are Anathema - demons who possess and corrupt mortals into dangerous, powerful monsters. Most people don't follow it, but they've at least heard the basics of its tenets, and all Exalted are a bit scary to normal humans in any case.

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