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Comic 131

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Also: it's my birthday! Or it will be my birthday, since these two fillers this week have been buffered up for my absence. But from your point of view, reader, it's my birthday. Whaddidja get me?

For those who don't play Exalted: the jade referred to in this comic is different from jade in the real world. In Exalted, Jade (which comes in five colours, corresponding to each of the five elements of Creation) is one of the Five Magical Materials which have special status and properties in the game's universe.

Exalted game, characters, setting and concepts are property of White Wolf Publishing,
and the artist makes no claim to them. Keychain of Creation-exclusive characters and artwork,
on the other hand, are property of Padraig O Ruanai except where otherwise noted.
So don’t be stealin’ me stuff, yarr. Contact possible at [email protected]