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Comic 152

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Unless I make my guess wrong, what you're thinking is true: I'm going to do a "questions from the readers" comic. As our two friends have explained, they're the only ones who you can communicate with, so keep that in mind. You can ask them to ask someone else something, but then, who knows how people will respond to questions from a Fae?

Post your questions on the forum, if you can (reading, to avoid asking the same question more than once), but if you're not a member and not inclined to become one you can also use the e-mail address located down at the bottom of this very page, being sure to put "A Question for the Fair Folk" in the subject line. I'll choose the five questions I think will be most entertaining, and they'll be the subject of Friday's comic.

Generally, I make the comic on Thursday, and I'll need a little time to plan, so that gives you a bit more than three days to send your questions in. Think up some good ones!

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