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Comic 186

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Well, I couldn't think of another single-page comic, so on to the first of our mini-arcs: Marena's Backstory. Are you ready to learn the nature of her family? Her homeland? Her Exaltation? Then read on!

Those of you who are particularly keen of eye will have noticed that I am now using more traditional "gutters" - the space between each panel. I felt the plain black gutters weren't working very well, so I'm going to try these. Please tell me if they improve your experience.

Non-Exalted players: Berengiere is one of Exalted's demons, creatures "descended" from the defeated and imprisoned creators of the world. And, as with the Fae, she is a being of somewhat different nature to those in Creation and, so, has a slightly different art style. My depiction of her is based off the official art.

Exalted game, characters, setting and concepts are property of White Wolf Publishing,
and the artist makes no claim to them. Keychain of Creation-exclusive characters and artwork,
on the other hand, are property of Padraig O Ruanai except where otherwise noted.
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