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Comic 227

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I'm sorry for providing such a short comic, but I needed to do something that didn't take much time. You remember, perhaps, the update before last when I said I had reason to not take too long? The same thing again. My back, to be precise - the posture which I take when I sit at my computer agitates some sore muscles I've had for more than a week now, which I have as a result of some gardening work I've been doing during the day.

Still... it's not without value. This page, when viewed as part of the archives, should provide a small breather, while maintaining tension, and briefly reinforcing the image of the situation as a whole (which may be necessary after the previous, more hectic page). I also like the pressure on Ben, as we see his attempt at strategy fail - as part of the Lion's army, he's been drilled with the tactic of throwing one's undead minions at Exalted opponents to make them waste their magic, but our Mars-Chosen's use of the Keys has saved her both much essence and a Charm use, leaving her defences whole. Another reason why he's paired with Flame - the other abyssal would have anticipated such a thing.

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