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Comic 248

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First things first: sorry for the third-sized comic. Second: this is only temporary! This page will be updated to full size before the next scheduled update.

While I was away I broke my glasses, you see, and without them doing anything particularly detailed on my computer requires me to lean in to a few inches away from the screen, which is not a good thing to be doing. My only backup is a pair of prescription sunglasses that are at least five years old; those are good enough to do simple stuff like typing, but are a bit hard to bear for anything beyond that. I put up with it long enough to make this, since I don't want to miss an update entirely, but more than that is a bit much to do all at once.

My old glasses are a bit beyond fixing, so I have to get a new pair. Once I do, I'll finish this page; or, if I have to wait (which seems likely), I'll do another third of the page tomorrow and finish it the day after. In any case, sorry for the delay.

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