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Comic 254

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For people who don't play Exalted, a factoid of information: in Creation, superhumans (Exalted in particular, but also god-blooded who have the same resiliences) have a gestational period of one full year. I always thought that was a nicely odd touch.

Joyous festivities wished to all my readers, by the way! I'm mildly sorry to announce that, beginning next update, I'm going to take a break over the holiday period. I will be uploading something on each day, don't worry, but it'll be less than usual - filler, maybe, or shorter pages (I know a lot of you are impatient for Ten's promised explanations; I haven't forgotten, don't worry), or perhaps even just comic-related art done by me. We'll see. Hopes of merriment again to you, until next time!

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