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It's kind of fun to do the anima flaring sometimes, and sometimes it's a chore. I wonder whether I shouldn't discreetly fudge the game's rules to keep them from cluttering up the comic when they're not needed.

I mean, this is basically their divine power leaking out, and in the game it's great because you only mention your character's anima flaring when it's cool and/or important, and people's minds conveniently edit so that it doesn't mess up their mental image. But in the comic, it's always there and it sort of lessens the prestige of the thing when the character has just cast one spell and it continues to hover over their otherwise relatively normal activities.

Which I suppose ties into another thing, in that in a game people don't "show" their character doing normal everyday things, because why bother? Boring. But in a comic I need to do it to keep in mind that the characters are still human (to an extent) and that they have a life with a routine and some small simple things that they do. It makes them feel more real, and gives the big spectacle scenes an added oomph by comparison.

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