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Once more, there will be a delay. Particular apologies to those who use the rss feed, as I know it's annoying; however, I don't want to go pawing through the site's code with my own inexpert mitts and mess the whole place up. Bothering someone else to do it doesn't really appeal to me either.

Besides - in MY day, we didn't have your fancy RSS to feed us comics, we had to navigate to the websites every update day ourselves, and wait five minutes for the pages to load with every one! And then walk ten miles to school uphill in both directions et cetera et cetera.

Exalted game, characters, setting and concepts are property of White Wolf Publishing,
and the artist makes no claim to them. Keychain of Creation-exclusive characters and artwork,
on the other hand, are property of Padraig O Ruanai except where otherwise noted.
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