fan art

I got fanart before this site was even up! This is the first: A picture of Misho and one of the Keys, done by shining path .
misho thumbnail
A picture of Marena, the second in the series by Path.
marena thumbnail
And, again by Path, a picture of The Most Secret And Sorrowful Of... well, and the rest of it. Nice boots!
secret thumbnail
This time an image of the whole group, though it focuses on just two. Thanks to Yvonne and Sam, who pondered this question.
Are they?
There's something about Secret that people seem to love! Coil-Amun attests to this fact by sending me this doodle of her. Thanks!
A popular opinion as to Secret's lingerie choices has formed among the fans, and Shawn Hagen has sent this image of Meep, his character, presenting conclusive evidence. Scandal!
D. Moonfire continues the spiral of Abyssal underwear madness with the first ever fan comic! Despite the wishes of some, however; no, this isn't going to be Secret's real anima banner. Sorry! In any case, be sure to go check out D's own Exalted webcomic, Glorious Saber.
Fan comic!
Another picture from Yvonne and Sam. Thanks! Abyssals always know the way to a girl's heart...
He he...
The fanart just doesn't stop! This piece comes from Tome. Thank you!
UncleJi sends us the most realistic piece of fanart yet, with a wonderful portrait sketch of... yes... Secret. What is it about her that people love so much?
UncleJi sends more excellent fanart, this time with a look at Marena. :9
UncleJi is on a roll! Misho gets the treatment next, and is looking good. I especially like the eyes in this one.
But if it's the best you want, then it gets served up well in Ten Winds first piece of fanart all to himself. UncleJi captures a lot of the character in this image, and I can say with surety it is my personal favourite of these four. Thanks!
ten winds
Ten Winds gets his second piece of solo fanart, this time from Tome, his second submitted piece. Kick!
Ten Winds by Tome

AstraKiseki "was bored" and so created these great chibis of the crew using the Gaia Online Avatar generator. Here they are in all their glory:

Chibi Misho Chibi MarenaChibi Ten WindsChibi Secret

Not only that, but she went so far as to cosplay as Secret for Halloween! (Does it count as cosplaying when its at Halloween, actually? Hmm...) Here are some pictures, including the one of her attempt to say Secret's full title.

Cosplay 1Cosplay 2Passed Out x.x

Myracuulous dusts off the fanart page by giving us a picture of Resonance Ben, in all his sans-shades scariness. The longer you look at it, the more disturbing he becomes! And that is exactly how it should be. You can see more of her work on her DeviantArt page.

Chaoticcore has done a sculpture of Mew Cai! Unfortunately he was only able to take a small picture of it, but it's nice so here it is anyway:

mew cai

RebiTora gives us a picture of Secret looking particularly cute, with just a hint of threatening... and more than just a hint of something else. Check out her gallery at DeviantArt.
RebiTora sends another picture, this time of Marena. I wonder what kind of flash we'll get in this one? ;P
Kkatman sends us a cute picture of Secret. She is severely dominating the fanart page, isn't she? If only I could distill that aspect of her which appeals so. I'd make millions!!
Dodge Charms
The Pointy-Eared Fiend brings further gifts by sending this picture of Marena... showing off as usual. ;)
Sam and Yvonne send another nice picture, this time of an unexpected character... do you remember her?
big gun!
ObsidianHawke sends us the first piece of fanart to be forged in a full three dimensions! And with some innovative clothing decisions to cope with the increased level of detail required. :D
all three d's!
Revlid sends our first piece of dedicated fanart for The Forgotten Flame of Endless Unmarked Years, getting the intended influences down nicely. Thanks!
Cerra-Angel has drawn this bit of art for Secret, inspired by an earlier age when some fans gave Secret a new title...
Sir Preacher sends us a picture of Ten Winds, off by himself as is is habit. Does he always manage to finish his drinking in peace?
Ten Winds
Revlid continues to help balance things up by sending us more Forgotten Flame fanart! He's also now got his own deviantart gallery, so go take a look.
Forgotten Flame
Cynicalcoffee did some "scratchy" fanart over on The Freedom Stone's oekaki, so of course I had to put it up. :D
Revid found a neat flash-based character creator, and used it to make this. Cute, eh?

Brickwall has done a series of sketches of the four main characters, which I present for your viewing here. Personally, I favour Secret's picture.

misho sketchmarena sketchsecret sketchten winds sketch

Revid thought the cyborg bandit of comic 117 to be so striking, it woudn't do but to draw him right away. It did set him up for some disappointment when, in just the next comic, said bandit turned out be a nameless, passing mook. Still; now he can lord it over all the other nameless characters!


Danelsan has done this exceedingly awesome picture of Ten Winds. I really am very impressed with this one.

martil arts!

Revlid has done a new picture, continuing the cyborg theme with a picture of our newly-introduced Alchemical sheriff. I have given assurances that he will not be a mere temporary character. :P


Holy crayola, it's animated! It comes from Blinkdog, and surprised me - I didn't think anyone actually would do it. For maximum effect, listen here.


More fanart from Danelsan, this time of Marena, and a reference to a comic done some time ago. Medicine Charms indeed!

Nurse Marena

Revlid further adds to his credentials by giving us a picture of Resonance Ben, in concert. I'm really impressed with this one!


Robin Strickland (link further down the page) sent this picture of Secret, engaged in a training exercise with the generous help of Ten Winds. Run faster!


This very evocative and all-around excellent piece of fanart comes from Coronaviridae, and you can visit her gallery here.

service in death

Raema sends us a shot of the entire group, done very effectively with just black and white.

BW group shot

TDK sends us his first fanart, which is also our first fanart of the Elegant Nova of Progression. You can see his deviantart gallery here.

Fully functional

Revlid continues pouring on the fanart with a picture of Nova. He actually did three versions of this picture, with the first two in a sort of sepia greyscale and, later, in colour.

A second piece from Sir Preacher, this time of Marena as recently portrayed in the comic. I'm not sure where the knife comes from... but it looks cool! and that's what's important.
Brickwall sends some more pictures to fill our our Alchemical supply! First up, we have Nova, in her rocket-pack glory...
... and another of the peaceful Blossom. Good work, Brick!
The Dark Knight sends two sketches he's done, the first of Secret looking haunting and the other of Misho in a rare moment of rage.
misho rage
Our first from Peteman, and simultaneously our first of cyclo- I mean, Godo- I mean, the nameless but aggressive securityman who has previously confronted our heroes. Keen-witted as always.
the Kuklaaaa

Revlid does us our first piece of Marena's warform. The colouring technique is impressive, no?

After a period of quiet, Lumie graces us with three pieces of fanart, each done in a different style! First, this very evocative picture of Ten Winds.
ten winds
Then a close up sketch of Marena...
And finally, a group picture! Thank you, Lumie!
group shot
Just when you think she's done, no! Lumie sends us another piece, with all the gang; but mostly, of Marena, being... Marena.
First piece from Spiffman, aka The Wizard of Wack, with his very nice impression of what Misho's Limit Break might look like. We shall see...
Love each other!
Sir Preacher's third piece; a picture of Secret, looking threatening. One wonders who it is she might be trying to frighten.

Robin Strickland, whose gallery is still here, has updated his excellent piece of Marena art with glorious colour. The black and white version is still available, though, if you like it.


Josue Pereira sends this picture of Marena, doing something which Lunars should perhaps by rights be good at. This is a bit of a special treat for me, because he does Nerf Now, a webcomic I have enjoyed quite often.

UncleJi has delivered another two pieces of fanart. The first is a picture of that most threatening Abyssal, the King of Uncloaked Steel - the first picture that's been done of him.
The King!

The second, then...

Is it a raiton? Is it the Five-Metal Shrike? No! It's...

The King!
Jokasti sends two extremely colourful images, each dressing one of our two leading ladies in exotic - and familiar? - garb.

Another debut from 42Osiris, a picture of Marena and Karen, this being the first picture to feature the latter.


Smeggedoff sent me pictures for my birthday! So, I decided to put these four up for the enjoyment of all. You can see his deviant art gallery here.

misho sketchmarena sketchsecret sketchten winds sketch

Gannadene delivers one of the best pictures of Marena yet! Once more, it seems, I am encouraged to deliver some form of beach party storyline as soon as possible.

Come on!

Straight from the oven of MS Paint, Ker'ion delivers this wallpaper-sized submission.

demonic barber

Gaen makes an introduction with this romantic sketch of Karen and Ten Winds. Aaaw.

love is in the air

Nomadmon gives us our first fanart of the wielder of the starmetal Key. It's a little hard to make out compared to our other submissions, but considering it was done on a hoodie with a sharpie, I think it's really quite impressive.

keychain apparel?

For her birthday last friday, Anne Madden recieved this rendition of a memorable sequence from a friend. The artist's site is here.

kiss kiss

IRtoaster gives us his rendition of Racer's dynamic entrance.

cowboy fu

Myracuulous is back again with another awesome picture of Ben, this time accompanied by the rest of his musical gang. Flame is not enthused!

ready to rock!

Brickwall comes at us once more, this time wielding his rendition of the two known wielders of the starmetal key.

with the turn of the age

Path, who was once known as thephoenixweeps and gave us our first fanart, now delivers the most ambitious piece so far - a massive group shot with most of the named characters.

that's a lot

Kailan brings a profile sketch of Nemen Yi, and of exceedingly fine quality.


Zephod introduces himself with a picture of Marena, demonstrating that Lunars, too, have their dodge charms. This is actually a smaller version of the original file sent: click here to view the larger.

insert sex joke here
Once again Spiffman, aka The Wizard of Wack, comes in to share a short comic on a recent encouraging addition to Exalted.
After a long absence, Cynicalcoffee returns with another picture of Secret. What a difference time makes.

Revlid once again forays into the world of colour with a striking rendition of Face of the Final Reach.


Zephod brings a picture of the energetic Fury, in full, appropriate dynamism. By coincidence, this is how her anima is supposed to look. Once again, this is a smaller version of the original file sent: click here to view the larger.

not quite little mermaid

Cumin and Uberlentil introduce themselves (and their own webcomic, Winter Melody) with this excellent picture, not only rendered fantastically well but with a humorous reference to Azumanga Daioh.


Kelly Kuban gives us this picture, which has been waiting to be posted a while! I am understand that Dragon Age players will get the joke.

save the cheese!

This sexuality-challenging/reaffirming picture comes from the esteemed blueflower. It's amazingly good.

Ben: Dat bass
Revlid goes to the heights of fanart by providing an actual fancomic! Though I have to say that it's not canon, I heartily recommmend reading his idea of what Flame's backstory could be.
page one
page two

Kicking off after a long period with no fanart updates (my fault entirely), we begin with some cosplay by Peteman! I can only actually fit four pictures here with thumbnails, so here's the fifth.

thoughtfulthirstyanother day, another deathknightpointy-head fight

Moving on, Muggins sends a sketch he did of Blossom.

aaargh gas

Gaen returns with what is practically a comic in itself, in which Karen indulges her imagination...


Eve delivers a picture inspired by Misho's breakdown. Those Limit Breaks can really get a guy down...

Heart of Tears

Kitsune appears! He brings with him a picture of Secret. You can check out his gallery here.

starry secret

What's that? You want more? Well, I suppose if you're a mature individual, we can let you see something a bit more restrictable... But I will say, if you're at work or underage or otherwise in a position where you might complain at me, remember that I warned you that the images through here may not be suited to the upkeep of your mind, social life or finances. You have been warned. :P

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