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Comic 143

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Seems these two know each other!

Nova is suffering here from divine boredom, where you get so damn good at something it no longer interests you. It is very much associated with the Solar Exalted as well, and that, in turn, led to some very scary things being done long ago in the Exalted setting, as pushing the boundaries of knowledge began to necessitate that the boundaries of sanity be pushed as well.

But then, the Solars were extremely driven to do so, because by their heroic nature they believed they were following moral causes. Virtuous as they were, this meant that so long as they thought the end was worth it, they'd do anything. Nova, on the other hand, is just pursuing knowledge for its own worth. If one line of inquiry presents enough difficulty or danger, she can just abandon it for another on a whim. Which, then, is better?

Excuse me. I felt I was well overdue for a nerdy quasi-philosophical musing.

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