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Have I mentioned before how a lot of Exalted powers are actually hard to represent in a comic? For example, that bandage over the Sidereal's eyes, there. How am I supposed to inform the viewer that that's the Perfection of the Visionary Warrior, one of the Sidereals' most powerful techniques, which makes his foe's fate more visible and increases his defences while letting him attack more quickly?

... Without falling back on text-based exposition?

Similar problems with the Dragon-Blooded. Their powers are elemental in nature, but a lot of them use metaphorical/metaphysical connections rather than directly flinging fire and whatnot around the place. After all, they were designed to be fun and awesome in a medium where you describe what your character is doing rather than showing it - it's understandable. So what I'm getting at is, please forgive me if I flub the actual game rules in favour of stuff that works better visually.

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