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A possibility I considered in Exalted, vis-a-vis the psychological effects of the titular state of being, is that you'd gradually get more physical while you talk. Normal people when they get excited will start poking and pulling on each other's arms and such, but Exalted are much more resilient to pain and discomfort so neither they nor you would notice you're doing it. Without being called out on it you'd get into the habit of doing it more and more strongly, until eventually one day you realise that at some point during your political debate you started a kung fu duel.

Or maybe you don't.

Ok, so I was going to apologise for how late this page is because I had a blackout in the wee hours when I was just finished making it, but then it turns out that patternspider was down, so no-one was the wiser! Do I still say I'm sorry? I don't know.

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